Pharmaceutical Honours Programmes

HPPS Portfolio

Deadline for students finishing their HPPS programme the year 2020-2021: To be announced

To complete your HPPS programme, you need to hand in a portfolio. All the hours spend on the programme need to be registered in the portfolio. It should also include your projects en brief explanations of attended events (excluding specific HPPS update meeting and thematic events). During the programme is is important to keep your portfolio up-to-date. To receive your honours certificate, you have to hand in a complete HPPS portfolio which will be checked by the HPPS coordinator.

The portfolio has to contain the following:

  1. a time registration of your personal HPPS programme and include an overview of all your activities and projects you have participated in or have worked on. Please note: 28 hours equal 1 EC and visiting an HPPS event counts for 0.1 EC. A total of 7.5 EC needs to be spend on HPPS;
  2. all files of all your projects, presentations, reports of meetings you have visited (other than HPPS events), and other documents that show your achievements within HPPS. Most of this material has already been made during your projects. It is important to collect all of these files into one single file;
  3. a screenshot of your blackboard account to prove that you have earned the required 7.5 EC for SHA;
  4. only for pharmacy students: indicate which regular courses have been upgraded to honours level.
  5. HPPS students are encouraged to write a short reflection report on their honours career, however this is on voluntary basis.

When you want to finalise your HPPS, you should gather all the information above, preferably in a single file and email it to the HPPS coordinator:

HPPS coordinator
Dr. M. (Massimiliano) Caiazzo