Pharmaceutical Honours Programmes


HPPS is coordinated by the board and the HPPS coordinator.


Afbeelding van Freija ter Heegde

HPPS coordinator

Dr. F.M. (Freija) ter Heegde





The board consists of HPPS students from both Farmacie and CPS. They organise Update Meetings and guide Thematic Events. You can also approach them for any questions. Below you can find each student and their main function.

Afbeelding van Jenny van der Veen

Jenny van der Veen





Afbeelding van Marlinde Waardenburg


Marlinde Waardenburg





Afbeelding van Marlon Geraerts


Project Manager
Marlon Geraerts




Afbeelding van Nefise Celebi


Nefise Çelebi




Afbeelding van Stefani Oosterveld


Social Media Manager
Stefani Oosterveld
Instagram: @hpps_uu