Pharmaceutical Honours Programmes

Starting your own project

Starting up your own project in a few simple steps

  1. Find a topic/ research/ concept in the pharmaceutical field that interests you.
  2. Determine how you can elaborate on this, add something to this, improve this, investigate this etc. Inspiration can be found under the heading ‘Projects’ for finished and running projects.
  3. In case you need help from other students, recruit these. The HPPS committee can also help you with this.
  4. Check with the HPPS project manager whether a project like this has already been done and discuss your idea with the HPPS coordinator.
  5. Find a supervisor, an expert on the topic of your project.
  6. Email the HPPS project manager with the following
    • Starting date of the project
    • Group members working on the project
    • The name of your supervisor
    • Topic and short description of your project
    • Current and potential future plans
  7. Start your project!
  8. Present your project during an Update Meeting. This can be done anytime during your project.

It is important to keep the HPPS project manager up-to date with your project, for example if group members leave or join, or when your project is heading into a different direction. You will be emailed to provide updates, but feel free to email yourself to