Pharmaceutical Honours Programmes

Does HPPS suit you?

Joining the Honours Programme is a good choice if you like additional challenges next to the regular curriculum and are looking for in-depth knowledge through extracurricular activities. It gives you the opportunity to follow honours-level courses, get an impression of the ongoing research activities within the department, and to initiate new projects on an individual basis or together with fellow honours students.

“Altogether, the Honours Programme has offered me some great opportunities to get an extra challenge and to participate in several projects of great value. I really appreciate that anything is possible within the HPPS.” – Marleen Joustra, third-year Pharmacy student

So, if you are a motivated student who’s looking for some extra challenges then HPPS might be perfect for you. You can read more students’ experiences under “students’ experiences of HPPS”. More info can also be found in the HPPS brochure. Also, feel free to contact the HPPS committee with any questions you may have.

Partaking in the Honours Programme offered me an opportunity to stretch myself both personally and academically, which I believe is of great importance regarding future employment. – Patrycja Lenartowicz, third-year CPS student.

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