Pharmaceutical Honours Programmes


Newsletter June 2021

After a successful and educational combined event on the 23rd of June, we would like to thank all the students who participated and/or organized any event or update meeting during this academic year. We hope all of you will have a fantastic vacation and will enjoy the freedom that we are steadily getting back after this covid-year. For now, this will be the last formal message from the HPPS committee for this academic year. If you have any questions or comments on anything, please let us know via mail or via the new HPPS WhatsApp community!


 Social event – September 2021
To start the next academic in a jointly social way, the HPPS committee is looking forward to hosting a social event in September. For now, we, unfortunately, don’t have any specific dates or plans for the event, but we are looking for HPPS students who would like to organize this event and with that, will be able to earn some ECT’s. If you feel like this is the perfect task for you, please check the recruitment section at the end of this newsletter.

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 Register new projects!
We hope everybody is able to keep working on ongoing or new projects using Microsoft Team or other platforms to keep in touch. Even though these times are confusing, do not forget to register new projects! For every new project we would like one of your group members to register the project with our project manager. You can do this by sending an e-mail to  Please include the following details about your project in the e-mail:

  • Title
  • Participants
  • Starting date
  • Supervisor
  • Short description of the project (ca. 150 words)
  • Current and future plans


 Combined event 23rd of June – Summary

On the 23rd of June, the combined event was held in Theatron in the Educatorium. We were very pleased to be able to organize the biggest event of the year in person, on the campus. After a very inspiring and educational talk by dr. Ed Moret about “the future” and the current status of drug development, we had some very interesting talks about the opioid crisis in the USA and the Netherlands, two books about the pharmaceutical industry and the history of pharmaceutics, and about the research two HPPS students did during their internships. We hope you all liked the event and we would like to thank all the speakers and the organizers for their input!

Other events

 Books to read
Due to the circumstances there are not many events. However some good reads for the mean time are: Ten Drugs by Thomas Hager; The alchemy of air by Thomas Hager; The demon under the microscope by Thomas Hager; Antidepressiva en depressie by Dick Bijl (Dutch); Dodelijke psychiatrie by Peter C. Gøtzsche (Dutch); Deadly medicines and organised crime by Peter C. Gøtzsche; Bad Science by Ben Goldacre; Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre; Laughing gas, Viagra and Lipitor by Jie Jack Li; The rise and fall of modern medicine by James Le Fanu; Factfulness by Hans Rosling & Anna Rosling Ronnlund.

 A message from the Descartes Programme
Since this programme is in Dutch only, their message is in Dutch as well:

Beste honoursstudent,

Wist je dat het Descartes College jou, als student van een facultair honoursprogramma, de mogelijkheid biedt om deel te nemen aan één van de vier cursussen van het Descartes programma?

Het Descartes College is een tweejarig interdisciplinair en universiteitsbreed honoursprogramma. Samen met studenten van andere faculteiten maak je kennis met verschillende topwetenschappers en hun onderzoek.

Het volledige programma van Descartes bestaat uit vier cursussen. Als facultaire honoursstudent kun je één van deze vakken kiezen. Voorwaarde hiervoor is dat je toestemming hebt van je facultaire honoursprogramma om het Descartes vak te laten meetellen binnen je eigen honoursprogramma.


 HPPS journal members wanted

The HPPS journal is currently looking for new members to join their team! Especially new HPPS students are welcome to inspire and write along with the other current members of the HPPS journal. The idea of this project is to create a journal for the HPPS community, where they provide updates about current research internationally, nationally, and at the UU, as well as prove a platform to exchange news about the HPPS community.  If you feel like joining this team or if you have any questions, you can contact Stephanie Oskam at:

 Social Event September organisers wanted

In September we will kick off the new year with a social event. We are looking for a group of HPPS students that are willing to organise this event! If you are interested in doing this, let us know by e-mailing to