Pharmaceutical Honours Programmes

Running projects

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The book project 2015-current
The aim of the book project is to provide an overview of the main topics studied in the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences program to high school students and readers who are interested.

Big Pharma 2017-current
We want to write an article about the world of ‘Big Pharma’, with all its problems and different views of people on this topic.

Journal 2018-current
The idea of the project is to create a journal for the HPPS community, where we provide updates about current research internationally, nationally, and at the UU, as well as provide a platform to exchange news about the HPPS community.

Medical myths 2018-current
The idea is to explore whether these claims (E.G. the powers of detoxing, paracetamol, etc.) are really true. We would like to do experiments on these different topics, make videos, and maybe eventually a website. 

Music as Medicine 2019-current
This project is about music therapy and music medicine. Music therapy and medicine have existed for many centuries already, but only in the last century, it has become an area for scientific research.

Neuropreprints 2019-current
Neuropreprints is a neurology blog that originates from former CPS students Anastasios Galanis. The main idea behind it is for it becomes a leading collection of articles about new discoveries in neurology.

Sunscreen 2019-current
The sunscreen project is a literature study combined with a practical element and focuses on the different characteristics of sunscreen.

Development of a Novel Dengue Treatment 2019-current
Understanding the pathogenesis of Dengue, identifying suitable drug targets based on literature search, design of a novel drug, development of a synthesis process for that drug and synthesis of the designed drug. 

Waterborne diseases 2019-current
Writing a thorough report on this subject: explain something about the way such diseases spread, give some detailed examples of diseases and go into detail on the pathogens and contaminants and discuss ways for prevention or treatment. 

Het voorkomen van antibioticaresistentie door gebruik van twee antibiotica 2019-current
Research of antibiotic-resistant can be prevented by the use of 2 antibiotics. To look at which antibiotics are most effective literature research is done, under the conditions that it is two different classes of antibiotics

Alternatieve geneeskunde met planten – phototherapy 2019-current
Research alternative (herbal) treatment for depression, insomnia and heartburn. This includes the evidence, target and uses for each alternative treatment. Then compare alternative treatment to conventional treatment. Research the legislation and the vision of healthcare providers (pharmacists and physicians) to compare with the public. 

CPS course infection & immunology 2019-current
In this project we are creating a new course for the CPS curriculum, combining immunology and infection topics. Currently, in CPS there is no course that covers infection, however, this topic is important for a few masters at Utrecht University. Dutch-speaking students can follow courses at Pharmacy or at Biomedical Sciences, however, this is not an option for international students. By creating this course we hope to create a more complete curriculum for CPS, that all students can follow a study path that is necessary for their master. 

The potential of Cannabidiol oil as a treatment for epilepsy 2019-current
This project is focused on the use of cannabidiol for the treatment of epilepsy. Recently, a drug was approved named Epidyolex for the treatment of two severe forms of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Epidyolex contains the active ingredient Cannabidiol. For this reason, we would like to find out whether the commercially available oils can also be helpful for patients with mild forms of epilepsy. For this, we would also like to test whether these oils are reliable, i.e. are the label claims correct and is there a large quality difference between the oils.

Human movement sciences and sports supplements review 2019-current
Taking a look at various pharmaceutical supplements used in the sport/athletic scene (e.g. creatine, BCAA’s etc.). Literature research on human studies conducted assessing the safety and efficacy of the supplements and writing a mini-review paper about this. Furthermore, reading and writing about various studies investigating EMG muscle activation when performing certain exercises. 

Course for secondary schools about pharmaceutical sciences 2020-current
We are going to write an educational method on paper covering topics like ‘general pipeline’, ‘discovery’, ‘development’, and ‘testing’. We are taking into account the level of the students, so it will be challenging but also not too far out of their interest. We will include instructions for interactive games and a practical.

COVID-19 project 2020-current
Since our parents have a lot of questions about the outbreak of the virus, what viruses do, etc. However, answers are very complex and thus, we thought it might be useful to write an overview covering everything related to the coronavirus.  

Farmacie van Pillen tot Patiëntenzorg (Dutch book project) 2020-current (originally started in 2015)
Farmacie, van pillen tot patiëntenzorg’ is an informative book about the world of pharmacy. It is written in a compelling way that is easy to comprehend for a wide audience including patients. The life expectancy has risen significantly, partly because of better hygiene and food, but mostly because of  the development of more and qualitatively better medications. Because of this, the use of medicines has increased in Europe. 

Food and nutrition 2020-current
To study the influence that food and nutrition has on different disease pathophysiologies. We want to look at the physiological role of the digestive system, and how diet affects functions in the human body. We look at where diet increases the risk or causes disease and we look at how diet and nutrition can be used for an alternative therapy to treat certain diseases. The goal of the project is to gain insight into the role of food and nutrition in disease.  

Opioid Crisis 2020-current
Since the 90’s the misuse of opioid drugs led to a rise in addiction and death from overdosing. A major cause for this opioid epidemic is misuse of prescribed opioid painkillers. On top of that, people who get addicted to prescription opioids, transition to the illegal heroin. Even though the amount of drug overdose deaths decreased for the first time from 2017 to 2018 by 4%, the amount of overdose deaths caused by synthetic opioids like fentanyl and tramadol is still rising. With this project we want to find out why this rise in opioid misuse happened and why prescription drugs are a driving force behind it.

Homeopathy 2020-current
Recently I (Dagmar Hiensch) received a big book written by Doctor A. Vogel about the function of homeopathic products. When I started reading it, I wondered why these products are available in some pharmacies, since at university, we all learn that homeopathic products are not effective. To find out why pharmacists sell these products we want to make a questionnaire in which we ask Dutch pharmacists about their opinion on homeopathy and whether these products should be sold in pharmacies.

Birth control  2020-current

MEDU – medicine educated 2020-current
Our goal is to inform HAVO and VWO students from the Netherlands about the pharmaceutical sciences and how drugs are developed.