Pharmaceutical Honours Programmes

Members Wanted

Here you can find projects that are looking for members. Contact the project manager ( if you want more information about the projects or if you are interested to join these projects.

Big Pharma 2017-current
We want to write an article about the world of ‘Big Pharma’, with all its problems and different views of people on this topic.

Journal 2018-current
The idea of the project is to create a journal for the HPPS community, where we provide updates about current research internationally, nationally, and at the UU, as well as provide a platform to exchange news about the HPPS community.

Sunscreen 2019-current
The sunscreen project is a literature study combined with a practical element and focuses on the different characteristics of sunscreen.

Waterborne diseases 2019-current
Writing a thorough report on this subject: explain something about the way such diseases spread, give some detailed examples of diseases and go into detail on the pathogens and contaminants and discuss ways for prevention or treatment. 

COVID-19 project 2020-current
Since our parents have a lot of questions about the outbreak of the virus, what viruses do, etc. However, answers are very complex and thus, we thought it might be useful to write an overview covering everything related to the coronavirus.  

MEDU – medicine educated 2020-current
Our goal is to inform HAVO and VWO students from the Netherlands about the pharmaceutical sciences and how drugs are developed.